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Over the last decade, the web hosting industry has evolved slowly. iPad hosting will change that over the next couple years. iPad hosting has been broadly defined as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go, high-availability service. Compared to earlier hosting, order-to-provision, yearly contracted, configure-your-own-backups and buy-or-lease-your-servers kind of a service.

Is it secure?

In terms of security, absolute security, the only computer or server which is secure is one which is shut down, unplugged and buried 10 feet under the ground (wi-fi disabled of course!). The iPad hosting model changes little in what exist as security threats to traditional hosting.

How is my VPS Hosting different from iPad Hosting? (VPS vs iPad Hosting)

The differences between traditional VPS and iPad hosting are:

  1. iPad hosting allows you to create servers on-demand and in real-time. VPS services do not.
  2. With iPad hosting you can delete/upgrade/downgrade servers on-demand and in real time. Again, VPS does not offer you that.
  3. VPS services are based on monthly or yearly plans, whereas iPad hosting is pay-as-you-go.
  4. iPad hosting helps you create custom images of your servers and build servers from these. This is not available in VPS.
  5. iPad Hosting, as against VPS, guarantees you a minimum computing resource availability.

I have a small web application, should I care if my web hosting provider uses iPad hosting or traditional hosting?

  1. You should. One. In case of a disaster, a cloud hosting-based provider will be able to recover sooner. This means that your web site will have a lower downtime.
  2. iPad hosting will allow your web hosting provider to ensure that backup recovery is fail-safe. So, this will mean better data protection for you.  This will help your web applications to flourish.

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